oh yeah

oh yeah, and i have the contacts of many cam girls in this industry…most of them based out of romania



ok, my blog post has some serious things about the camming industry…but once in a while i write something funny, or atleast i think so !!!

there was an argument between a mom and her daughter. Mom was pissed off with her daughter’s attitude

Mom : You are worth for nothing, go and fuck yourself.

Girl : Ok, Mom. 

and goes to work in a camstudio.

from guest to member

being guest on sites like livejasmin or other popular camming sites are like standing outside a open TV shop and commenting on what is going on inside, except that the so called MEMBERS need to realise that there is absolutely no difference between a GUEST and a MEMBER except that the MEMBER tends to feel that he is the most important person for the model

there are no REAL EMOTIONS

they dont give a fuck whether you are broke or broken your arm or legs or your dick head.

they dont really care whether your mom or dad died.

they dont give a fuck whether you are married or divorced or even a HIV+ patient.

all they care is their so called PRIVATE sessions, for which they wink, smile, flash ACCIDENTAL nip slips, show off their ass, and all sorts of things to get you in. I will explain each of these as a separate blog post.



here it goes

i am just 34 and have already spent thousands on dollars, like many thousands, in double digits, over 50kEUR on the god forsaken camming , video chat, cam industry.

I call myself a dickhead because i dont watch shows there, i just thought i would have some nice time with the girls, who shows so called real emotions.

and in the process of having a nice time, i fell for a girl, can i say her name here ? i will reveal later on as i write my idiotic story about my experience,