its plain cheat game

i feel pathetic for all the poor members who go to the site and think that the girl flirts with him or her, she winks, she blows kisses and they get hard thinking that its for them, each of the 300+ people in her chat window thinks the same, only the fools who think that its for them, and who cant wait to cum, takes her in pvt, and thinks that he is fucking her for real. Bull shit. They are basically camwhores, who are there to make money, no bullshit of anything can be expected.

All the stories about how this industry helps the world is just to get more whores to the industry wherein the studio owner makes a shit load of money….its money laundering assholes, get that inside that pervert head of yours.

if you want naked girls …get a real whore and fuck her…its cheap and that is real fuck…dont fall for these screen models…they basically brain fuck you all the time..



and here is another one,

there are some models who use vibs, wherein the member can control how the fuck she comes, its again fake, but if you speak with the camwhores they will be saying that they dont need a man to cum and its the best invention ever. Come on guys, go an get a hooker for 100$ they will do amazing things than the one in your laptop screen.

and these fucking studio promoters and ad agencies which promote these bullshits are all pimps who sell these women and make money and feed the pervert thoughts of even a common man…

get a life guys, go out of the house and breath some fresh air…its just BULLSHIT that is there in that screen…

its sex industry

and about the so called bullshit models who claim its a great job, ask yourself this, will you let your daughter do this ? or the wife of your bro ? or your mom ? how do you feel if they were in the next room to you wanking for some 70 year old pervert !!

so dont say that its the best job in the world, accept the fucking fact that you wank !! and make money out of it…there is ofc nothing to be ashamed of, because you are wet and naked all the time. but please DONT FUCKING RUIN PEOPLES LIVES with your fake love.

summits and bullshits

ok here is another funny thing, this is a shit industry as such, i mean the camming or video chat or whatever bullshit they call, and they have a awards summit as who wanks better. The summit itself is a like a fuck party, where different studio owners meet other studio models and fuck them for days together. pool partys where they almost strip down.

Mostly its entertainment, and thats what i am trying to stress, keep this as entertainment and dont get into scams as i did. they will spoil your entire life with that shit…


Ok, there is this site which i found recently and its like most of the time i end up seeing some camwhore who says she doesnt do certain things and then she ends up doing that in pvt and someone posts that in there…its funny thou as why the fuck they lie about things.

They are cheeky

ok, here is another one…

There was this girl whom i spoke with after my breakup with the cam model and she is another one from east europe not from romania thou, but from UKR. She is a good one a such, but i dont believe in the cam girls anymore, and when i decided to leave the site, she gave her contact to me so that i can speak to her even offline and we have been speaking for like many months,and again she started asking for money to help her with her studies and the same bull shit again,

these are the ways the cam models try to lure you in and exploit the things, its only money nothing else, all the the fake love and smile and hugs and kisses are just pure money, its like the whores on streets under the lamp who try to get you in their bed. These cam models do these to get you inside their private and fuck the shit out of you…

so,….be careful to whom you go in pvt with…

more they see

more the people read my encounter with the cam model and how she screwed up my life and money, the more awareness it will create, if you are going to meet the model , make sure you get the value for money you spend on those wacks…and dont end up loosing much as i did…