Romance Scams

I have been hearing this a lot lately, ROMANCE SCAMS, and what started of my email chains, now continues with these CAM sites where these fucking whores lure you into their love lock and start to rip you off with their ability to manipilate people…sick bitches..


What about the future

To all the people who GOT ripped by these camwhores and who are still getting ripped by it, please, in caps, PLEASE get out of it, I sometimes visit models pages as guest and i see so many people in love, madly about the way the model kisses twerks her hips or flashes her tits, this is bullshit, there is no love when someone strips and sucks a dildo,

its a paid porn industry …

there are women inside there who says they love dancing and its their passion, yet they cant wait to strip and dance and wank…its bullshit, its a lazy work…

i dont ask not to go there, i am just saying be careful, and take in the fact that they are there to make money and there is no love…everything you see there is fake, even the CUM that you pay for…


Another story

here is what i received from another member of the people_betrayed_by_camwhores

“i would like to tell you that i am one among the people who got cheated to an extent that i decided to take my life, i fell in love with a model, and she kept using me for money and ruined by entire life. I left my wife and kids to be with that whore, yet all she could think of was her and her family, she never worried about me or what i go through in life. It made me realize that i deserve what i have in my life, i betrayed my own blood, my daughter and son, i neglected them for this whore, and after when my wife found about my affair, she divorced me, and the whore neglected me after i lost all my money on her. I wanted to take my life, but it will be esay, i want to suffer what i did for my family, and i am still suffering.”


sugar daddy

all these cam whores require is the “ONE” who keeps them in pvt loosing all his fortune on these paidporn whores. the whores generally call them their sugar daddy…


emotional blackmails

say you start speaking to a model and you both are IN LOVE, and you realize that you cannot spend more time, she will start her emotional blackmails….usually its the following reasons in that order

  • health problems – she has too much of problems with her digestive system or with her respiratory system
  • periods – she has too much cramps during her periods and she cant do what she is to do on the site, and she will make you feel that you are her saviour…believe me there will be many saviours
  • valentines day, if you are IN LOVE and on this special day, she will do a show for you, strip and wank, and she will feel bad about it later on and say that she wont do that again, in case you were in true love
  • family problems – mostly it will be a kid or her dog, or her old grandmom or her pussy cat …. with pets it will be like they didnt shit the whole day…
  • problems with members – when someone comes as guest and trolls her, there will be on member asshole in her page who will immdlty take her in pvt to give her a good time. or in case she has your persnl contact…she will message you … ” I MISS YOU ” and you will be head over heals to go and see her…

get a life assholes, just go to see her do a fucking show…DONT EVER FALL IN LOVE with those whores..


facebook boasting

yes, one more thing about these so called camwhore boastings,

once you are in love, they will have a sudden flair to travel around the world, so they choose a occasion, no…wait…they will make you choose that….like her bday or yours or her name day or sort of that bull shit…then they choose a place…and you end up taking her, having sex for couple of nights, ¬†wherein they rip your purse, off. its actually a pretty easy business than doing prostition, you are in love so you always treat them nicely, and sex is like easy peacy for them, you cum once max twice, and sleep off the night,.

and they put pictures of their selfies on facebook to tell to all her camwhore friends that she has been to these places, they will never make the mistake of adding you to their facebook friends list, becos you are her SECRET one…or she will say that her BOSS is there and he might find out or she will say that she wants guarantee that you both are going to be together and all that bullshit…it will sound legitimate to you. but its just like a high priced escort service…they are whores in the virtual space, nothing more…

so watch your pants when she pulls it off, your purse is in there…


a mail from someone who got affected too

i received this from one of the guy who read my post before and wanted to share it…
” being addicted to porn since 2014. I had always thought i would ever pay for this evil industry. But then i had knew cam porn: pay money to watch a solo show. Those cam girls, they enjoy taking your tokens while you are suffering mentally and financially. One time i even thought i fell in love with a cam girl. That was a deceptive emotion.
And remember this, the more you feel loved with a cam girl, the more you feel disconnected and lonely in real life. Don’t be like me. Show love to those who deserve it, give money to homeless people. Porn in general, and cam porn are the evil entertainment ever created. It’s addictive, dangerous and damaging even more than heroin. It will destroy you slowly even when you’re not aware of it. “
LEARN FROM OTHERS MISTAKES, and be careful who you choose…