What about the future

To all the people who GOT ripped by these camwhores and who are still getting ripped by it, please, in caps, PLEASE get out of it, I sometimes visit models pages as guest and i see so many people in love, madly about the way the model kisses twerks her hips or flashes her tits, this is bullshit, there is no love when someone strips and sucks a dildo,

its a paid porn industry …

there are women inside there who says they love dancing and its their passion, yet they cant wait to strip and dance and wank…its bullshit, its a lazy work…

i dont ask not to go there, i am just saying be careful, and take in the fact that they are there to make money and there is no love…everything you see there is fake, even the CUM that you pay for…


Author: All about so called chat models!!!

This is a blog post of a dick head who spent so much on the camming industry and wants to highlight what it means believe in fake smiles and fake emotions

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