Another story

here is what i received from another member of the people_betrayed_by_camwhores

“i would like to tell you that i am one among the people who got cheated to an extent that i decided to take my life, i fell in love with a model, and she kept using me for money and ruined by entire life. I left my wife and kids to be with that whore, yet all she could think of was her and her family, she never worried about me or what i go through in life. It made me realize that i deserve what i have in my life, i betrayed my own blood, my daughter and son, i neglected them for this whore, and after when my wife found about my affair, she divorced me, and the whore neglected me after i lost all my money on her. I wanted to take my life, but it will be esay, i want to suffer what i did for my family, and i am still suffering.”


Author: All about so called chat models!!!

This is a blog post of a dick head who spent so much on the camming industry and wants to highlight what it means believe in fake smiles and fake emotions

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