emotional blackmails

say you start speaking to a model and you both are IN LOVE, and you realize that you cannot spend more time, she will start her emotional blackmails….usually its the following reasons in that order

  • health problems – she has too much of problems with her digestive system or with her respiratory system
  • periods – she has too much cramps during her periods and she cant do what she is to do on the site, and she will make you feel that you are her saviour…believe me there will be many saviours
  • valentines day, if you are IN LOVE and on this special day, she will do a show for you, strip and wank, and she will feel bad about it later on and say that she wont do that again, in case you were in true love
  • family problems – mostly it will be a kid or her dog, or her old grandmom or her pussy cat …. with pets it will be like they didnt shit the whole day…
  • problems with members – when someone comes as guest and trolls her, there will be on member asshole in her page who will immdlty take her in pvt to give her a good time. or in case she has your persnl contact…she will message you … ” I MISS YOU ” and you will be head over heals to go and see her…

get a life assholes, just go to see her do a fucking show…DONT EVER FALL IN LOVE with those whores..


Author: All about so called chat models!!!

This is a blog post of a dick head who spent so much on the camming industry and wants to highlight what it means believe in fake smiles and fake emotions

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