facebook boasting

yes, one more thing about these so called camwhore boastings,

once you are in love, they will have a sudden flair to travel around the world, so they choose a occasion, no…wait…they will make you choose that….like her bday or yours or her name day or sort of that bull shit…then they choose a place…and you end up taking her, having sex for couple of nights,  wherein they rip your purse, off. its actually a pretty easy business than doing prostition, you are in love so you always treat them nicely, and sex is like easy peacy for them, you cum once max twice, and sleep off the night,.

and they put pictures of their selfies on facebook to tell to all her camwhore friends that she has been to these places, they will never make the mistake of adding you to their facebook friends list, becos you are her SECRET one…or she will say that her BOSS is there and he might find out or she will say that she wants guarantee that you both are going to be together and all that bullshit…it will sound legitimate to you. but its just like a high priced escort service…they are whores in the virtual space, nothing more…

so watch your pants when she pulls it off, your purse is in there…


Author: All about so called chat models!!!

This is a blog post of a dick head who spent so much on the camming industry and wants to highlight what it means believe in fake smiles and fake emotions

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