a mail from someone who got affected too

i received this from one of the guy who read my post before and wanted to share it…
” being addicted to porn since 2014. I had always thought i would ever pay for this evil industry. But then i had knew cam porn: pay money to watch a solo show. Those cam girls, they enjoy taking your tokens while you are suffering mentally and financially. One time i even thought i fell in love with a cam girl. That was a deceptive emotion.
And remember this, the more you feel loved with a cam girl, the more you feel disconnected and lonely in real life. Don’t be like me. Show love to those who deserve it, give money to homeless people. Porn in general, and cam porn are the evil entertainment ever created. It’s addictive, dangerous and damaging even more than heroin. It will destroy you slowly even when you’re not aware of it. “
LEARN FROM OTHERS MISTAKES, and be careful who you choose…

Author: All about so called chat models!!!

This is a blog post of a dick head who spent so much on the camming industry and wants to highlight what it means believe in fake smiles and fake emotions

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